29 Jan 2020

Digital Cinema Media’s (DCM) ident was hijacked by extra-terrestrials to promote E4’s drama, The Aliens.

Coming in the form of a broadcast message from the ‘Alien League’, the stunt marks the first time a disruptive clip will interrupt DCM’s screen ident (which usually tops and tails advertising reels in cinemas). The announcement was to rally aliens to fight human oppression and join the movement.

The campaign has been devised in-house by the 4creative team, with help from OMD UK, DCM and Pearl and Dean.

Harry Dromey, group marketing manager at Channel 4 said: "We challenged ourselves to entertain and bring the drama to life. The result is the disruption of as many media channels as possible to stop people in their tracks and get them talking about The Aliens.”

“With the disruption of DCM’s normal ident we will definitely stop people in their tracks, but we hope they don’t start talking until after the film…” he added.

DCM’s head of agency sales Davina Barker said the sponsorship of the company’s ident offers E4 “an opportunity to utilise the power of the big screen to reach an upmarket, early-adopting, social-savvy and light TV viewing audience".


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