29 Jan 2020

Fanta ran their biggest ever Halloween campaign to accompany the launch of Fanta’s exclusive Halloween Snapchat filters on promotional cans.

They decided to run two screenings in popular Irish cinemas. The first took place in Movie House in Belfast and was ran in association with Cool FM. Listeners of Cool FM were asked to vote for their favourite horror film out of three scary movies with 28 Days Later being voted the winning movie. The cinema foyer was decorated with spooky characters and all guests received a complimentary popcorn and Fanta.

The second screening took place in Movies@Dundrum and was in association with Spin 1038. Again, guests were asked to vote for their favourite scary movie and The Conjuring was chosen as the winning movie. Guest received an exclusive Fanta reusable cup and complimentary popcorn. A personalised welcome message on the big screen greeted guests as they took their seats and spooky Halloween props were placed outside the screen. In a first for Dundrum Shopping Centre, their Mill pond was dyed Fanta Orange and a life size Fanta can was placed outside.

The screening was in partnership with Verve – The Live Agency and was a huge success for Fanta.

Take a look for yourself below...