14 Jun 2016

In a busy market-space, Ben & Jerry’s sought to focus their media attention on lovers of the brand without the spill-over associated with other media. They wanted to increase frequency and brand conviction amongst their biggest fans. Over and above this, they wanted to measure the effectiveness of their campaign amongst cinema goers specifically. The Ben & Jerry’s brand as a fun brand was perfect fit with cinema, the target audience and the character of the product.

Almost half the audience delivered was between 25-44 years of age and 76% of them visit the cinema at least once a month, with 80% saying the cinema is a great place for big brands to advertise. Almost three quarters of them said they pay more attention to advertising in the cinema than they do to ads on TV.

Ben & Jerry’s cream the competition with a six-month cinema campaign

Research proved that cinema worked hard for Ben & Jerry’s. When shown a list of ads, 53% of cinema goers recalled the Ben & Jerry’s campaign. Awareness for the campaign continued strongly when cinema goers were interviewed after 24 hours and one week. When we showed them the script, total awareness for the campaign rocketed to 72%. Only 1 in 10 TV campaigns would deliver awareness above 60%. This 72% rises even more to 80% amongst 16-24 year olds and for frequent Ben & Jerry’s consumers. More than half could recall specific flavours.

But it’s not all about recall. 61% said they were more likely to purchase Ben & Jerry’s (compared with Behaviour & Attitudes’ Normative Average of 44% (TV Average comprises results from 100+ TV campaigns). This campaign scored 56% higher for positive opinion of the brand than the Behaviour & Attitudes’ average.

Respondents recalled a considerable array of taste & quality messages.  More than half (53%) recalled the specific flavour.  There was consistent recall of overtly positive associations.

61% of the audience said they were more likely to purchase Ben & Jerry’s. The call to action increases to 82% for those who purchase Ben & Jerry’s regularly, while 62% of those who occasionally buy Ben & Jerry’s are more likely to buy it.