18 Jan 2017

L-R: Sarah Clohessy, Wide Eye Media, Dave Wright, Starcom, Cara Kennedy, Starcom, Grace McGlynn, Desperados, Nicky Boylan, Wide Eye Media, Aoife Hudson, Kinetic.


Desperados, the new tequila-flavoured beer from Heineken, is the first advertiser to hyper-target cinema-goers using Cine D. The innovative campaign activates on the release weekend of the best-suited movies across the year and is shown on the new 55” LCD in-foyer screens from Wide Eye Media.



Three different executions are shown on 12 screens, each one specifically selected to match the movie releasing that weekend. So far, the campaign has run on the opening weekends of Pitch Perfect, Mad Max and Entourage, with more planned throughout the year.


“We are delighted to be able to advertise in cinema foyers,”said Grace McGlynn, brand manager Desperados.“Cine D allows us great flexibility and because of how well we can target the campaign, there is no wastage.”.


According to Aoife Hudson, Account Manager at Kinetic,“Cine-D gives us the opportunity to reach our audience in a new way of planning within the cinema environment. We looked at all movie releases for the rest of the year and were able to pick the movies that best suit our audience. This type of audience targeting is crucial for a young, modern brand such as Desperados. The new digital OOH format is premium, modern and really flexible which has opened new doors for us in terms of cinema advertising”.


"The digital revolution in cinema continues"


The 35 screens in 14 sites across the country offer premium quality imaging and animated content. They are Wi-Fi enabled and allow for real time RSS, Facebook and Twitter feeds to be displayed. Cine D units are positioned in maximum impact locations within Irish cinemas giving brands the opportunity to deliver a dynamic digital campaign to a young, affluent audience.


Eoin Wrixon, General Manager of Wide Eye Media, said,“Cine D is a welcome addition to Wide Eye Media’s advertising portfolio. The digital revolution in cinema advertising continues and we are delighted to be able to offer our clients another dynamic advertising solution. With fast upload speeds, multi zoning capabilities and the ability to capture data, Cine D units can tightly target specific geographic areas with a timely message. Desperados has taken full advantage of the flexibility and targeting Cine D offers."


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OOH Specialist


Campaign Date

June – December 2015

Cinema Campaign

Cine D

Media Mix

Cine D, OOH, Social, Digital