03 Jan 2012

Sky Harnesses the Power of Digital Cinema to promote its Multi-Genre Offering 

To support its biggest ever season of exciting and original TV drama, Sky entertained Ireland’s many cinema goers by showcasing scenes from exclusive Sky Atlantic shows, such as True Detective, Game Of Thrones, Mr. Sloane and more, on the big screen with movies of the relevant genres.

The campaign saw Sky harness the flexibility offered by digital cinema advertising to support a selection of upcoming exclusive series. As part of the campaign, Sky selected scenes to match the movie genre to ensure relevance and maximise the entertainment value for Irish cinema audiences. So, audiences watching thrillers and dramas, particularly the Oscar big-hitters such as American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave and The Wolf of Wall Street saw previews of True Detective starring Hollywood legends Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. Fantasy and sci-fi buffs who went to see Robocop, Jack Ryan and Paranormal Activity got a sneak preview of a scene from BAFTA award–winning Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, a clip from Mr. Sloane, starring Nick Frost, is shown to comedy fans who saw movies such as Oscar-nominated Her, Irish movie The Stag, and Cuban Fury, which also stars Nick Frost.

Sample great small-screen programmes on the big screen 

Commenting on the campaign, Michael Markey, Sky Ireland’s Head of Brand, said: “We’re passionate about delivering truly great TV to our customers in Ireland and by using cinema we are giving more people the opportunity to sample some of our best TV content on the big screen at a time when they want to be entertained. The combination of Sky First Episodes and a TV & cinema campaign featuring entire clips from our biggest and best series means that more people throughout Ireland will get to see the quality of what we are now bringing to TV.”

Sky’s campaign puts a spotlight on new, unmissable and exclusive programmes, supported by a message that “not all TV is created equal”, emphasising its exclusive Sky Atlantic shows. The campaign takes full advantage of the flexibility and targeting of cinema to ensure that its ads are seen with the greatest impact, by the right people in the right environment.

All activity directed the audience to its new Sky First Episodes YouTube channel.

Media Agency: Mediacom
Campaign Date: March 2014
Cinema Campaign: CAP & ½ CAP
Media Mix: Cinema, TV, VOD, Print, OOH, Digital