12 Apr 2016

December to March is Awards Season in the Cinema industry. The Academy Awards (Oscars), BAFTAs, IFTAs and Golden Globes create hype around and drive admissions to nominated movies. The Awards Season promotes excitement and engagement with the older, more discerning cinemagoer. The audience tends to be more ABC1 and over 25 years.1


Heavy cinema goers ages 25+ are:2

54% ABC1

Influencers 63%

Twice as likely than all adults 25+ to have personal income > €112,500


In January 2014, the top 3 movies had 24 Oscar nominations between them.

All three were nominated for Best Picture.

Four of the top 10 movies in January 2015 shared 23 Oscar nominations.3


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1ROI Film Monitor

2ROI TGI 2014 – Copyright KANTAR MEDIA: Base all 25+ adults

3Rentrak Admissions