12 Apr 2016

Not since the Sex and the City franchise has there been such excitement among female cinema goers. Fifty Shades of Grey is based on the bestselling novels by E. L. James, which have been an incredible force since they appeared in 2012. At the height of their popularity, the books were outselling the bible worldwide. Both the teaser trailer and the official trailer have already caused a sensation and broken records for views on YouTube. 100 million people watched the Fifty Shades of Grey teaser trailer and the full trailer has already had 14,054,622 views since it went online on the 14th November.

Selected cinemas in ROI are already selling tickets and have been for a number of weeks now, even though the movie does not release until next Spring. This is not just a movie, this is a phenomenon!

Releasing on the 13th February 2015, this erotic romance will hit screens just in time for Valentine’s Day, and is ideal for targeting females.  If you want your brand to make an impact and reach millions of females in 2015 then this is the film to get your brand seen with.

The box office revenue and audience profile is expected to be similar to that of the Sex and the City franchise.

Brand new 2014 TGI research shows that female cinema goers aged 15-34 spend more, get out more, are more discerning shoppers, are more into gadgets and are more influenced by celebrities, than the average 15-34 female.

Fifty Shades of Grey is guaranteed to be one of the most provocative and talked-about films ever made. To make your brand a part of this sensation, contact or your Account Manager.