16 Aug 2018

Coca Zero has the same taste as Classic Coke. However, people are not really receptive to ads made on taste. McCann Erickson chose to launch an interactive campaign with a product demo on movie theatres through a partnership.

Coca Cola in Spain worked with Yelmo Cines, a movie theatre in Madrid, to promote Coke Zero to customers in “El Cambiazo” (The Swap), a stunt which has won a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival. Consumers who asked for their regular Coca-Cola before going into the cinema were served Coca-Cola Zero, to prove to them that it tastes the same, but without sugar.

The black Coca-Cola Zero cup was placed inside a larger red Coca Cola cup. Once the spectators were seated in the cinema the guy who sold them their Coca Cola appeared on the screen, explaining the trick and offering them a free Coca Cola of their choice along with a tub of popcorn for their trouble. 96% accepted this invitation and 43% chose Coca-Cola Zero.

Title: Swap

Agency: McCann Madrid

Campaign: Swap - Coca Cola

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Company

Brand: Coca-Cola

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