01 May 2019

Irish and international cinemas experienced a record-breaking surge in box office and attendance as AVENGERS: ENDGAME made its debut...

After taking over €1million on the day it opened here in the Republic, AVENGERS:ENDGAME had already made it to No. 10 on the ROI list of top-grossing movies of 2019 in just 24 hours. By the Sunday evening of its debut weekend, it had taken over €3.4million in ROI and knocked Captain Marvel off the No. 1 spot. After just two weeks at the ROI Box Office, it had taken over €5.8 million and climbed to No. 8 in the ROI list of top-performing movies of all time.

Releasing only four days before the end of the month, AVENGERS: ENDGAME caused ROI admissions for April to spike, resulting in a 10% increase year on year from 1.23 million in April 2018 to 1.35 million admissions in April 2019.

“It’s extremely rare for any film to go to No. 1 at the ROI Box Office based on its opening weekend alone but AVENGERS: ENDGAME is more like a cultural event than an ordinary movie. Fans feel it is a fitting way to wrap-up over twenty inter-connected films. Devotees are delighted that even parts of the franchise which may have seemed less significant upon their original release turned out to be extremely relevant to this final chapter. It’s also enormous fun to watch a film of this type with a massive crowd of strangers who are all reacting at the same time and in the same way as you, which can only happen in a shared, unique viewing environment like a cinema” said Eoin Wrixon, CEO of Wide Eye Media.

International box office records already broken by AVENGERS: ENDGAME include highest opening day of all time, fastest film to hit $100 million at box office, first film to make $1 billion during opening weekend and fastest film to reach $2 billion.

“Just like the cinema itself, we form a lasting bond and affection with superheroes as children and we never quite grow out of loving our favourite one. There are lots more opportunities to see your favourite heroes in action as X-MEN:DARK PHOENIX, SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, and even JOKER are headed to the big screen later this year, while James Bond, Wonder Woman and He-Man all hit cinemas in 2020” according to Eoin Wrixon.