13 Mar 2020

With so much to navigate in the advertising space, it has been necessary to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of how consumers respond to video advertising across various platforms, including cinema.

Audience attention is essential for brand development and yet with more demands on our attention than ever before, it’s a resource that has never been scarcer. With many AV advertising platforms, it’s easy to skip the ads and they are often avoided.

Opportunity to see (OTS), reach and impressions for advertising become progressively problematic in the attention economy. These metrics grow less comparable across platforms, especially with video.

A recent international Dentsu Aegis study on attention emphasised that effectiveness is closely related to how much of an ad is viewable, and for how long.

In her study Not all Reach is Equal, Professor Karen Nelson-Field accounts for the difference between active and passive viewing as well as the effect of clutter when it comes to attention and impact.   When screens are smaller, viewing also tends towards passivity, especially where screen coverage by an ad is not at 100%.

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