23 Mar 2016

"86% of housekeepers with children go to the cinema"

2015 proved that Ireland’s love of cinema is showing no sign of slowing down. With a 4% increase in admissions from 2014 and some huge blockbusters still to release, 2016 is definitely the year to get your brand on screen.

2015 was a popular year for retail brands, in particular supermarkets. Tesco, Lidl, Marks and Spencer’s and Dunnes Stores all exhibited their ads on cinema screens. In addition, many FMCG brands are realising the power that cinema offers with Heinz, Aquafresh, Kellogg’s and Kenco all showcasing their ads on the big screen to target main shoppers in the household.



We also saw some of Ireland’s premium clothing retailers take advantage of cinema's ability to tightly target the consumer and deliver an ad to their chosen audience. Sketchers and Kildare Village both used geo-targeting to focus on cinemas nearest to their local stores.



A Recent TGI study found that 86% of housekeepers with children go to the cinema while 87% of 7-14 year olds generally visit with a parent.


Source: ROI Target Group Index


TGI studies also found that Heavy cinema going main shoppers with kids are 33% more likely to find cinema advertising more useful when making purchase decisions and 42% are more likely to be tempted to buy products they have seen advertised.


Heavy Cinema Going Main Shoppers with Kids:


Source: ROI Target Group Index


This year will see some of the strongest family and female targeted movies hit our screens.Bridget Jones’s Baby, the third and hugely anticipated instalment of the movie franchise, releases in Irish cinemas in September. The Girl on the Train starring Emily Blunt will release in October and we can’t wait for the big-screen adaptations of hit TV show Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, releasing in Irish cinemas in July.

Family movies include Angry Birds, who will get their own movie releasing in May. The Steven Spielberg adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG releases in July and Finding Dory, the much anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo, also releases in Irish cinemas in July.

To take advantage of this trend Wide Eye Media is introducing a House-Keepers Package offering a new opportunity for brands to position their ads among the top performing family and female movies so they can directly target main shoppers.


To find out more about getting your retail brand on the big screen, contact sales@wideeyemedia.com or your Account Manager.